BASC (Business Alliance for Secure Commerce)

Certified since 2003 to provide cutting-edge management and continuous improvement based on ISO 9001, fostering a work environment free of drugs and various security measures to prevent drug trafficking.

Standards that we must meet to be certified by BASC

  • Study of legal compliance
  • Corporate Security Policies
  • Personnel Management Policy
  • Logistics of receipt and clearance of cargo
  • Control of raw materials and packaging materials
  • Seals and Security Seals
  • Control of documents and information
  • Selection of customers and suppliers
  • Strategic partnerships security

IATA (International Air Transport Association) International Air Transport Association
IATA integrates the most reliable and effective environmental agents. Since 1994, Gamarra Group entered to the association through an audit that verifies its facilities, financial statements, company incorporation, experience, staff training, etc.
IATA membership allows us the ease of having stock of air waybills at our office, speeding the boarding process.

MTC (Ministry of Transport and Communications)

We are one of the first companies to qualify in more than 200 operators, complying with the regulations for safety and responsibility required by the state to perform international cargo shipments