AGENCIA DE ADUANA JKM SAC is a leading company in the sector, thanks to the strength of our operations, and based on having the complete knowledge of the customs regulations and operational systems for air, shipping and post. The quality of our services allows us to serve the most important companies from various sectors, achieved thanks to your preferences and locating us in the top places in the Ranking of Customs Agencies for over 10 years.


We provide the following services:

  • We manage the various Customs Schemes, Operations and Destinations permitted by national legislation.
  • Analysis and verification of documentation (receipt, process and dispatch).
  • Processing, digitization and processing of DUAs (unique customs declarations).
  • Payments of taxes (customs duties and other taxes).
  • Management reports.
  • Centralized documentation filing.
  • Contributions of services via phone, fax, email.
  • Procedures in specific sectors (MTC, SENASA, DIGESA, DIGEMID ETC).
  • Trained in the field of international trade to companies and institutions according to their needs.
  • Operational audits of international trade.

Aware of the importance represented by the visibility and management of the information, our Agency works on platforms integrated with advanced technology in communications: telephony, Fax, Nextel, E-mail, and software developed under a modern structure allowing us to offer online and in real time the information you need.